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The reading suggests three ways to reduce salt level in the Salton Sea, a salty inland lake. However, the professor disagree with both of the three ways.

Firstly, the reading proposes that people can use facilities to evaporate the water and remove salt from the lake. However, the professor thinks that it will be very dangerous, as the solid materials filtered from the lake will contain not only salt, but also some extremely toxic chemicals that will make human sick.

Secondly, the reading suggests that the lake can be diluted by putting sea water into the lake. The professor thinks that it will reduce the salt level, but the it requires more than 1 kilometers of pipelines from the lake to the sea. Pipelines are very expensive to build over 1 kilometer, and the government may not can afford it.

Thirdly, the reading thinks that the lake can be divided with walls into several parts, some keep to be salty, the others being diluted by rivers nearby. On the other hand, the professor disagrees with it. She thinks that the solution will not be working for very long as there are many geological activities such as earthquakes in the area, and the walls might collapse in the first earthquake and the lake water will be mixed together.

As a conclusion, the reading thinks that there are many ways to reduce salt level in the Salton Sea, which the professor strongly disagree as both the three examples, she thinks, are not going to work.

Independent Writing

Do you agree with the following statement?
Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams.

I agree with the statement that governments should spend more money in support of arts than in support of athletics, because art needs more financial and psychological support.

Firstly, I think arts need more financial support than athletic sports. Arts are not only limited to paint brushes, paper and paint. When you start your imagination anything can be art. For example, art can be huge sculptures that takes up lot of spaces and need lots of materials to make. That will cost a lot and it cannot usually be made without financial support from others. Differently, athletics only need regular exercises everyday and the same equipment for every sport. This is how arts cost more than athletics.

Secondly, comparing to athletics, arts needs far more than strength and perseverance, and it needs money as a psychological encouragement. Art is not something that everyone can do. It needs everyday practice, skills and lots of creativity.When you are designing an art, you are designing a brand-new thing that no one had ever done before you. So it is a very hard process, and if it is not supported psychologically with money, people will easily give up. It is something that need to be supported, to be encouraged by the government, instead of something that only requires some daily exercises.

As a conclusion, I think governments should spen dmore money in support of arts than in support of athletics as the artists need more financial supports and psychological encouragements.

What other people wrote:

As a human culture heritage, art not only combines people’s wisdom and creativity, but also represents the unique tradition. Therefore, in order to pass it on, the purity and uniqueness of art should be preserved well. Government is responsible to give the financial support, especially for those art full of historical value. The truth is same with sports. The meaning of Olympic teams has been more than the original goal of keeping fit and accumulating strength. the prosperous sports of a nation marks the whole level of and the comprehensive ability of the nation. Therefore art and sports both should be supported financially by governments.

First of all, the support from government is conducive to protecting the traditional art formation. Nowadays, due to the ignorance of young people, many heritages our ancestors left are facing dangers. Take Chinese paintings as an example. Although Chinese paintings possesses thousands of years of history, young artists express more passion for modern art formation. Many art school even cancelled the courses concerning traditional Chinese paintings. If financial support was given, some young artists may start to engage in this kind of traditional art formation, subsequently more Chinese paintings exhibitions may attract people’s attention. In this way, it might get people’s attention again. Once a certain art formation is bought to the limelight, its value will be acknowledged by more people, and youngsters will tend to start to cherish the hidden essences and provide their own support.

Besides, if more foundations were built, the national art will have the opportunity to be accepted by the whole world. Great artists or groups will get supported to go on a world show tour. They will take advantage of these international tours to spread the essences and value of the art and get them understood by foreigners. Once a certain art formation gained the reputation abroad, its impact will stretched out. Peking opera is a good example. If this culture treasure could perform in other nations, it will be the window through which outer world know the uniqueness of Chinese culture and Chinese value.

In the same way, money spent in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams by government benefits athletics and the nation. With the financial support from government, coaches and athletics can possess better training instruments. Higher pay can also improve athletics’ life and health conditions. Apart from these, setting up a more scientific and developed sports competitive system helps cultivate potential members who can get gold medals in international competition such as Olympics, obtaining honor for the nation and their families. So the international image of the nation enhanced enormously.

Those essences hidden in the different art formations are supposed to be acknowledged by the public. The involves support from government. Only with an energetic and efficient national support system was built and developed, art and sports will be acknowledged and supported by all the people.

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