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Should schools ban homework?
Homework improve children’s memory of the things they have learnt in class. If they do not do homework they will forget the things they have learnt and the time they spent in class will be wasted.
Do not have to be a lot. For kindergarten children maybe parents should help them review the things they have learnt at school.
For primary school students, children should practice a lot to learn the skills learnt in class. For example, Maths, English. They practice to calculate and how to write essays.
Middle school: yes. They should practice even more. They should plan and balance their homework and play time on their own and be more responsible. This will also keep them motivated.
Against the against: how are they able to remember the things from class? They should be motivated to do homework.
Example: children do have time to read a book, but do not when it is assigned as a homework.
Duke University psychology professor Harris Cooper thinks that children should all be assign homework, but do not need to spend a lot of time. Primary school students should do 20 minutes of homework and high school students should do about 2 hours of homework everyday.
Should after school classes be mandatory?
Yes. But children should not be forced to do after school classes that they do not like. For example, if a kid is really talented in English literature and wants to spend his after school time on writing essays and stories, he should not be forced to do after school math class. He should be doing Math class at school, but he should spend his time on doing things he wants to do. So instead of after school math class, he can join an after school English literature club and he can communicate with other students that are also interested in English.
Children should all be involved in some kind of after school classes. When they are still young they can tell their parents what they are interested in and their parents can choose the after school activities for them. When they are older they should be responsible for themselves and choose the after school activities on their own. 
Against the against: Of course some children do not like to have more classes and they get tired after school, but after school classes do not mean that they have to do lots of writing and reading. For example, they can have after school football class. Some children want to play by themselves. I think they can spend time more efficiently to find a teacher and learn. For example, if a kid likes drawing, he should not be drawing with sand on the ground by himself because he cannot learn much things from that. He should find a teacher that will help him to develop his art skills, the things he is interested at.
Should uniforms be required?
No. They should not be always required.
Although it will make the school have a better appearance and looks more disciplined, it will need lots of unnecessary money. In addition, the main purpose of a school is education. Instead of spending money on doing the uniform things, it can use the money to help other children that are still in poverty. It can help them to rise out from poverty and to provide them education.
Also, some students are being punished for not wearing school uniforms. But actually it is not a big deal. Some people say that it is safer, but actually all the danger can be prevented. For example, teachers should spend more attention on students to prevent them from running too far away.
Although uniforms should not be required, students should be in decent clothing when going to school. 

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