Things Happening before CNY

Things Happening before CNY

It was almost the end of term. I was at home, lying on my bed, too lazy to prepare for the last day of school. Flipping through the news on my phone, more and more info of the virus in Wuhan was appearing. It was quite worrying to see the number of people infected by the virus all around China growing every day.

The news also said that, there were about 9900 people from Wuhan coming to China. One of them was infected, but doesn’t tell other about that, carrying the virus for one whole week and has been to lots of places around Singapore with his family, such as Sentosa, Holland Village, the Paragon, etc, and had took lots of taxis, until he felt really sick and had to went to the Singapore hospital. He could be uninformed of the new virus from Wuhan, or he might not know that the symptoms on himself are caused by the virus, but once he felt uncomfortable, he should go to the hospital and rest instead of going around the tourist sites — that was absolutely an act of irresponsibility to himself and to the people around him, including thousands of tourists, local residents and his family.

Anyways, the virus has possibly spread and I was thinking of excuses of not going to school tomorrow.

And when I was thinking about all of these, I was getting bombed by messages in my Chinese class chat. I took a lot of the contents of the chat and, instead of text messages, I am actually bombed by videos. Videos. And these videos are not selfies or pets or food, instead, just by looking at their thumbnails, I could see orange flames ? behind the “play” icon.

The fire was on the top floor of the science block. Probably due to someone sneaking into the block and trying to do some secret experiments. Speaking of fires in our school, there was one about 3 months ago in Tent Plaza. It was caused by our Science teacher (I know, everything is related with science right), when he was trying to cook some beyond meat for the beyond burgers and added too much vegetable oil. I don’t really know the details of the incident but, I started to find science a pretty dangerous subject (especially Chemistry).

The Flame burning on the top of the floor

Well, I think I should still go to school tmr since… since I can’t think of any excuses… Chinese New Year is coming soon and which all the misfortune and diseases to be gone on Jan 25!

  1. Newest update Mar 14 2021 – Science block Floor 3 is renovated but is still locked to students and there are no classes in them. Sadly, “all the misfortune and diseases to be gone on Jan 25” never really happen with the epidermic starting in February (in Singapore), a month after the post is written.

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