An Interview

An Interview

Now I am (writing from the point of view of) the father of a little girl called Julia. We were travelling in Ecuador but Julia got washed away by a sudden flood. These are my answers to an interview. (truth is, this is a past question of the IGCSE exam)

My wife and I were biologists, and we had always wanted to visit rainforests due to our interest in tree species and to expand our encyclopedic knowledge of trees. Julia has shown great interest in plants and animals since she was even younger. She loves to go to gardens and zoos, but those weren’t natural environments. Therefore we want to allow her to explore and observe in the rainforest too. We had heard that, here, in the Kapawi jungle in Ecuador, there are more than 500 birds and 100 trees, howler monkeys, and large areas of canopies. We are really thankful that we got such a privilege.

Well, another reason for us to come here was the Achuar community, the people living here and there culture. My wife and I had heard of the unique lifestyle, community spirit, and generosity here. We are eager to have this exceptional experience far from where we are living.

We were hiking in the jungle as usual, and just after a short while, raindrops started falling from the sky. Our guide advised us to go back, and we did. We were curious about why we need to do so, but our guide just told us to walk faster. It was unbelievable how quick the gentle rain turned torrential within minutes, and soon rivers were forming under our feet. The water level got higher and higher that it reached Julia’s waist. I was holding her by one hand, but it got harder and harder to grip her with my wet fingers. Out of a sudden, her small hand slipped out of my palm, and, in desperation, I saw my only child submerged in the muddy flood and disappeared from my sight.

To be honest, I was extremely grateful that Julia could come back to us, and we are proud of her for everything she had done after the accident. Julia had told us everything after she was conscious. As a biologist, I had gone on lots of field trips, and even I would admit that what Julia had gone through was difficult. I was grateful that Julia could come back to us, and we are proud of her for everything she had done after the accident. The gentle rain had turned into flash floods and carried Julia away deep in the forest. Our daughter lost consciousness for a few hours and woke up in the darkness. She had an injury on her head and feel sleepy, but she said that her survival training told her always to stay awake no matter what, so she strived to do that and walked towards a stream near a village.

I used to think that we might not be welcomed in the Achuar community since we are from another country, and we are different from them from our culture to our appearance. To my surprise, these people were warm and caring. They generously welcomed us into their huts and calmed us down, telling us that they are capable of finding Julia. From their tone and patience, we found them trustable. From several conversations with them, we found that this native tribe was isolated from the rest of the world for years. They lived in harmony and has a strong community spirit. Even so, these people were very knowledgable of the secrets of the rainforest, mostly from their own experiences. These invaluable pieces of knowledge and precious characters were rare in our world. It was fantastic to get in contact with the tribe.

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