The Fire in the Science Block — Continued

The Fire in the Science Block — Continued

On the 23rd of January (last month), UWC’s science block was on fire out of some unknown reasons, causing all students in the college unable to have science lessons in their original classrooms. Not only are science classes moved to the Middle School Block, the Art Block and the High school block, students doing DT are also not allowed to go to their ordinary classrooms (DT classrooms are just next to the Science block). The main consequences that we face are:

  1. No science experiments for 2 months
  2. Unable to recognise the classroom marked in the online timetable (for example, once, the online timetable says that we need to do Physics class in a classroom named HSLCR. The first two letters obviously indicate the High School Block, but what does LCR mean ? (Liquid Crystal R… RAM?) Usually classrooms have name like 302, 519, but what the hell is this one? Everyone in my Physics Class gathered together and think, and then someone finally got it — Library Class Room, the classroom in the library inside the High School Block…
  3. The classrooms are on the higher floors like level 5 or 6. Going to the classrooms feels like stamina training

Besides these, it feels so sad every time I walk pass the science building. We were sitting in the bright classroom the day before, doing our biology test, and the next day we heard that our biology test papers and the classroom was burned.

Burned Science Block – Photo taken last week

The walls of the building used to be white, now the top of it is covered in a layer of black ash, as if the building was bleeding. Looking inside the windows, chairs and desks were clumsily stacked together — they would soon be brought away.

Science Block looks like this this week

However, the campus didn’t become lethargic after the fire. Around the Science block there are green trees, new-born birdies learning to walk on the fences, trying to fly. Everything looked vivid and lively, full of vigour. Watching the science block being renovated, I quietly hoped that everything will go back to normal soon.

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