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As mentioned in the last post, holiday is starting early, and that means that we have lots of free time (I mean, more tuition too, but generally there is more time for relaxing). Today is the last day of school. We had a Rockshow during lunch time and since I am too scared to go to a place with so many people crowded together, I stayed upstairs with my classmates.

We were getting pretty bored — it was kind of impossible to read books with so many noises around you; the melodies get you start humming with it and you cannot focus on the words in the books anymore. So then we started thinking of doing something else. Most of our teachers had told me that if the holiday is going to be longer than expected due to COVID-19, we would be having online lessons on Teamie — an online platform that we normally use, starting from grade 6, for homework submission, viewing tasks set by teachers and etc.

Teamie homepage

The above image is the look of Teamie by default. And we were just thinking that, if students are looking at this Teamie page for the whole holiday, it’s going to be so boring! So therefore, I started thinking of creating themes on my own. We worked on it during the whole lunch time, and when our afternoon lesson started, we were finished!

Visit to find out more about the themes and try them!

We had created 3 themes, “Pink & Soft”, “Green & Fresh” and “Purple & Sweet”. There are going to be more themes and more customisation. The only problem right now is that these themes are in the form of bookmarklet and will be gone everytime the page refreshes. Perhaps I can try to develop a chrome extension to make Teamie more interesting for students in UWC!

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