A Month of Online Lessons

A Month of Online Lessons

Online lessons were what I have hoped for for a long time. During the Easter break I was wishing that our school should organize online classes instead of going to campus due to the great risk from coronavirus and also since I want to stay at home and relax.

Now it had been a month of online lessons already, all of my lessons were on Google Meet. However, I have realized that things weren’t going the way that I thought they would be. I am not able to finish the class works in class since there are too much of them. Some of my teachers have no idea how long tasks will take. Even though they are getting better at lesson planning, I still need to finish quite a lot of class work for homework.

At the same time, facing my laptop for the whole day is really tiring. I do run around my house and design sport games with things in my room as instructed, but I am still tired. I get too lazy to update my blog too, although I have a lot of ideas for my blog posts.

Here I would like to share 2 articles that I read recently: What are some unspoken rules teens follow? This article is so true, especially the rule about drinking from your friend’s hydro flask. It is quite meaningless to share this with my classmates right now, but I think it would be fun to introduce these to my friends in China.

The second one, as I spend so much time with my laptop everyday, reading things from it and writing things into it, I started wondering: Does my laptop get heavier (physically) as I use it and store things in it? Read this article and find out if that is true…

At last, let’s hope that the coronavirus cases in SG to get lower soon. I miss PE and the hot April air in campus.

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