This is a response to Paper 1, Question 2 in the IGCSE Sample Paper.

My dearest sister,

You can’t imagine how much I miss you these days when it is the season of snowstorms and disasters. I have seen a lot of things at my age, but snowstorms… I used to be scared of them when I was young, and now I still can’t get rid of the fear inside my heart when I see it coming. There was an unusually heavy snowstorm outside recently, and it finally stopped yesterday. Right now I am here, sitting next to the warm stove, writing to you to tell you that everything is well.

Snowstorms always come when you are not expecting it, when you are relaxing in the bright sunshine, under the clear sky, and all of a sudden, they are there. About two weeks ago, the sky became grey unexpectedly, and it got darker and darker as the snow continued to fall. Within a short time, everything was turned into mysterious, eerie white lumps. However, it is not always the suddenness of the snowstorms that scares me; it is the unimaginably long time they last. This time the snowflakes were falling from the sky non-stopping for two weeks. At day time it was impossible to go out to the supermarkets. Watching the food in the cupboard getting less and less made me worry. Food will never last, no matter how much you bought before the snowstorms, it disappears quickly as if vanishing in a magic trick. Even at night time, when I woke up and looked at the windows, they were sweeping through the glass continuously. That sounded like claws scratching and gave me nerves.

Perhaps it’s because they are sometimes pretty, snowflakes catch people’s attention and make them curious. These people from our neighbourhoods always smiled and looked up, admiring the shadows of the flakes. However, it was these soft and pretty snowflakes that have done the damage . You cannot imagine it. When we woke up one day a week after this snowstorm started, a pole on the street next to our yard had fallen over. We were in shock after seeing this, as the wind was still blowing on the wires and cables, making them clack and chatter. Even my husband, a person who was always so optimistic when facing difficulties, decided to stay indoors. Danger was everywhere outside. Did you know that those lovely fresh vines — the ones you used to love so much, were now hanging on the fences, black and dead, torn into shreds by the fierce snow yesterday? Yes, it felt like the end of the world, and the only thing that we could do during those days was wait.

Now everything has finally passed, and I can finally relax as everything is becoming peaceful again. Don’t worry, everything is fine now, and I hope that you are safe at your place.

Best wishes,
Your sister.

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