Reflection on Home Based Learning

Reflection on Home Based Learning

Home Based Learning had lasted for a long time since the circuit breaker began. The following are some aspects in which I would like to reflect on myself during Home Based Learning.

The character strength I identified in my previous reflection was forgiveness. I think this has helped me during Home Based Learning (HBL), especially when my friends are unable to reply to me by texting me for the whole day. Forgiveness helps me to calm down and tell myself that communication was inefficient during the circuit breaker and they might be really busy and doing really important things. Besides forgiveness, some other character strengths that I recognise in myself is hope. Hope is important during this challenging time and I wasn’t sure if I am able to go back to school in Grade 9 or Grade 10. I am particularly worried because of exams since I think it will be more efficient to revise with classmates during class and to do sit-in exams before the mocks. My character strength of hope allows me to calm down and to believe that I will be able to go back to school before the mocks and this could ease my worry to some extent.

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To be positive is also an important thing during HBL too. My strategies to keep positive are sharing my thoughts with classmates, friends and teachers, making a plan for everything (projects, events, etc.), listening to music and reaching out to friends when possible.

There are also challenges that I am facing during HBL. For instance, for some subjects, the teacher assigned a lot of classwork to us, way more than the amount that we could finish during class time. I found it difficult to deal with the great amount of work since I have to do those that I haven’t finished during class as homework. I also panic a lot before tests and exams since I don’t know what the tests are going to be like (an actual paper, an online test or just a teamie quiz?) I also find it hard to cooperate with friends during class because some of them do not text me back when I contact them. Fortunately, I had also thought of ways to overcome these challenges though. For example, I made an accurate calendar with all the homework due dates, dates for exams, presentations and activities so I won’t forget. I also contacted some of my teachers, asking them to assign less work. They did and things started to become easier.

It is very important to take responsibilities for things at home too. I rarely do any housework before HBL starts, but after it had started, I had tried to help to cook, to place the dishes and also to make beds.

Physical exercises keep a person active and energetic. For me, I do a workout assigned by my badminton coach almost every day, which includes half Squat (2 times) with Side lunges (left and right) × 20 times, Both legs Jump with Skipping rope 250 times. I think the exercise keeps me very positive. I haven’t done the workout before the circuit breaker so it is a new thing to me. I already did this workout for almost 10 times so I am going to try something different this week.

In the aspect of personal, social and emotional wellbeing, I learned that I am a person who really needs socialising. As I lost contact with my friends for the first few weeks during the circuit breaker, I felt quite sad and lonely. I also feel that it is more productive for me to work with others at school because when all of us are working on the same project, we can encourage each other and share our progress.I support my peers when we are doing online learning. Whenever my peers have questions that they do not understand, we start a google meet and I will help them out. I think I do have a positive impact when doing so, my peers’ problems are solved and I feel positive seeing their problems solved too. I think differently when it comes to socialising. I used to feel that it is better to work independently and rarely want to work with others, but after my experiences during the circuit breaker, I learnt the importance of working as a group and solving problems together with others.

Academics is an important part of my HBL. I am able to finish everything for my academics before the deadline and I always have enough time to get ready for my exams.To improve, I think I should revise by reading through the textbook everyday when classes are over so even if it is harder to communicate with my teachers on home based learning, I am still able to understand everything. Besides these, I have found some revision strategies that I will continue to use even after I go back to Campus in the future, for example, using digital tools such as unit booklets online. It will be more convenient for our science teacher to review what we have done if all of us are using digital unit booklets. For task organization, I discovered a digital calendar called TickTick. It is like google tasks but easier to use. I will continue to use this method. To reduce distractions and procrastination, I use the tomo timer.

What’s more, the nicest thing that someone had told me during HBL was: “Which group do you want to join? I will join the group you are in.” Some great things I did include creating a website for my NYAA project. Something I thought a lot about lately was from my GC. Watching a video made by the organization we are supporting, New Hope Foundation, made me realise that the organization is in a difficult situation with the lack of funds and donation. Something that inspires me a lot was A New York Times article: How to Spend Summer 2020. From this, I found out that a lot of people, including local officials, public health experts and Americans are all working together to keep Summer 2020 enjoyable and relaxing. A friend that I felt the most connected with is Jingyu. We played games online together, a game called sky where we held hands and ran around in the virtual world. A thing I wonder is if my teachers still feel motivated to teach since I think my classmates and me are much less active during HBL. My emotion during HBL is mostly worried and bored. What I value most in my family is our dinner time, when we talk with each other the most. My relationships with my friends are ok. I am close with some of them but others I haven’t contacted them for a long time. What I value most in my friends are how we ask each other for help and respond to each other quickly (texting).

As a conclusion, there were a lot of things going on during HBL, most of which are positive. Generally, I think I am doing ok and I will try my best to be active and optimistic during the period.

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