Language Techniques in H is for Hawk

How does the writer use language to convey the majestic nature of the hawk and the feelings of Helen Macdonald? The writer uses metaphor to convey the majestic nature of the hawk. This can be shown from the description of the hawk: “She is a conjuring trick. A reptile. A fallen angel. A griffon from […]

Structure in Heart of Darkness

– What the writer focuses your attention on at the beginning– How and why the writer changes this focus as the extract develops– Any other structural features that interest you In the extract of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the writer structured the text to interest readers. Firstly, the writer interests readers by putting […]

A Book Review on As I Lay Dying

Para 1: From whose Point of View is the novel written? (1st person narrator [from whose eyes and mind], 3rd person omniscient, or 3rd person limited?) Explain why this point of view is effective for this novel. The Novel is written in first person point of view, but not of a particular person, but of […]

As I Lay Dying: “My Mother is a Fish”

Originally Posted on 4/23/2013 by Kaitlyn Hawkins *Notes: I found some plots in As I Lay Dying really confusing, for example, when Vardaman saids that his mum is fish, when he drills into his mother’s face in the coffin and when Darl saids that Jewel’s mother is a horse. This article really explains a lot about […]

Book Review – Glass Sword

Glass Sword is a novel written by Victoria Aveyard. It is the second book in the “Red Queen” series. In the story, Mare was trying to gather all the “New Blood” to revenge Maven, who framed his brother and Mare into killing their father. Different Opinions towards the revenge The characters in the story all […]

Fahrenheit 451

SummaryFahrenheit 451 talks about a time in the future when books were banned as people think books makes everything philosophical and there would be melancholy due to this. People’s main entertainment is the high-technology parlor walls in their house. They are completely ignorant of the world around them and its problems and are not even […]