CS Revision – Arrays

Arrays are list of similar items, usually used in loops and repetitions. They contain similar items. The items in the list are the elements of the array. One-dimensional array are lists identified by the use of a single name and each item int eh list can be found by an index number showing the place […]

An underrated HTML tag

I learnt this from https://itnext.io/html-underrated-tags-119ef3e45b94. This is an amazing post. So basically, the tag is the <base></base> tag. It is used like this: So if the base is mentioned earlier, all the relative links will be according to this. This is very useful when you are using a tool like site sucker, which saves files from […]

Conversation Machine

import randomdef has_questionmark(qus): wordlist = qus.split() last_word = wordlist[-1] split_last_word = list(last_word) if ‘?’ in split_last_word: return Truedef has_special_words(qus): wordlist = qus.split() first_word = wordlist[0] first_word = first_word.lower() special_words = [‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘are’,’do’,’did’] if first_word in special_words: return True def is_a_yn_question(qus): wordlist = qus.split() first_word = wordlist[0] first_word = first_word.lower() special_words = […]

POTW – It all adds up

This code is to find out the 3-digit numbers that have their digits add up to 9. The problem was originated from the “Problem of the week” from the university of Waterloo. The original question is stated here: https://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/resources/potw/2019-20/English/POTWD-19-NA-02-P.pdf The digit positive integer is the sum of all of its digits. For example, the digit sum […]

Largest and Smallest Number Flowchart

Grade 9 Computer Science class has started. Although I have learned how to code in C and Python before, I have never drawn a flowchart. I had planned for my code, but not as precise as a flowchart. My first flowchart, a super easy one, to find the largest and smallest number from the 5 […]

ID Tech Camp: Intro to Coding for Machine Learning

In the past week (July 1 to July 2), I participated in a coding camp organized by the ID Tech organization called “Intro to Coding for Machine Learning”. I found the camp so exciting. I have learned to code before, but never with other students or a formal teacher (Dad taught me C and Python […]

The Daffodil Numbers

//Daffodil Numbers! #include <stdio.h> int main(){    int i, j, k = 0;    for( i = 1; i<= 9; i++){        for( j = 0; j <= 9; j++){            for( k = 0; k <= 9; k++)                if( 100*i+10*j+k == […]