Vanuatu · Stranded

The first segment (paragraphs 1-8) is about the author’s impressions of the island. The second segment (paragraphs 9-10) is about the author’s childhood fear. Explain how the writer uses language to convey meaning and create effect in these two paragraphs. In the first segment, the writer expresses his hatred towards the island through the use […]

A Rain in Spring

Photo created by freepik – Describe what you see from outside your window. Early in the morning, I pulled open the curtains and there, the sky was carpeted in a heavy layer of grey. The rain seems to have been going on for a while. A thin layer of cloud and mist was lingering […]

Compare Sympathy and Caged Bird

Sympathy is written by Paul Laurence Dunbar in 1889 and Caged Bird is written by Maya Angelou in 1983. The two poems convey the same theme using similar technique, but differ in their structure and form. First of all, both Sympathy and Caged Bird convey the idea that African Americans are facing oppression using allusion. In […]

Analyse Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath

Mushrooms is a poem written by Sylvia Plath, an American poet in 1960.  Sylvia Plath’s poems were mostly written in the 1950s to the 1960s, right after World War II. During WWII, most men went to war and women took the jobs that previously employed men. They enjoyed the experiences and opportunities they have got […]

Point of view in The Tell-Tale Heart

Compare and contrast the narrator’s point of view at the beginning to the end of the story. Note any differences and the possible causes behind these differences. In “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator’s use of point of view in which he tells the story slightly changes from the beginning to the […]

Say “No” to amateur mountain climbing

Another IGCSE question, a practice for my directed writing test last Wednesday. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to you to express my opinion with regards to mountain climbing on Everest. I strongly believe that mountain climbing should be banned. As you might know from the recent news articles, there number of […]

Running with the Bulls — Language Analysis

Running with the Bulls — Original Text Cascais, along the coast from Lisbon, Portugal, has been described as a ‘picture-postcard perfect little beach town’. Its scintillating colours amazed me when I arrived. The orange roof tiles shone like fire in the midday sun; the stately buildings stood resplendent in their smart coats of colour wash. […]

Guide to Directed Writing

Directed writing is an important part in the IGCSE English Language exam. A little bit like composite writing in TOEFL, this part of the exam asks you to summarise the main points and opinions in an article and to evaluate these opinions. The question might specifically asks you to agree or disagree with the opinions […]

About “Shooting an Elephant”

Intro In this account, set in 1936, George Orwell is a young police officer serving in Burma, India, which was then part of the British Empire. He has been sent to deal with a troublesome elephant. Q1 Imagine you are George Orwell. Write a journal entry, describing your thoughts and feelings about the events described […]