Revision for Biology: Photosynthesis and Transportation in plants

Definitions Photosynthesis – the process by which plants manufacture carbohydrates from raw materials using energy from light. Transpiration – loss of water vapour from plant leaves by evaporation of water at the surface of the mesophyll cells followed by diffusion of water vapour through the stomata. Autotroph – Example – plantOrganisms that produce their own […]

No masks?

As there are starting to have several cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in Singapore, people were rushing to buy masks to avoid being infected. However, while reading through the Straits Times half a week ago, I saw this: Everything is normal, except — why are we not allowed to wear masks if we are not sick? […]

Economics from the very beginning

Economics is a very new subject to me. I had use this word in many essays, in English and Humanities, but never went into the subject. Now that I get into Grade 9, I start this mysterious subject. Our first task was to give examples of economics in daily life, for example, when we are […]

The Chair

Recently, my friend shared this smart little cartoon. I found it so creative so I shared it here. The cartoon is copyrighted under “我是白”. Do not copy unless gaining permission from the original illustrator, which can be contacted through wechat official account or Weibo. This cartoon could be just out of the illustrator’s creativity, without […]

Leaving the Reading Group

Hey everyone. I was previously in a reading group with lots of Chinese students in Grade 10 and Grade 11. The reading group prompts you to read a certain amount of pages every day and a book every month. I found it exciting and helpful. However, recently I found the book that we are supposed […]