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The Fire in the Science Block — Continued

On the 23rd of January (last month), UWC’s science block was on fire out of some unknown reasons, causing all students in the college unable to have science lessons in their original classrooms. Not only are science classes moved to the Middle School Block, the Art Block and the High

No masks?

As there are starting to have several cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in Singapore, people were rushing to buy masks to avoid being infected. However, while reading through the Straits Times half a week ago, I saw this: advisory on masks Everything is normal, except — why are we not allowed

Things Happening before CNY

It was almost the end of term. I was at home, lying on my bed, too lazy to prepare for the last day of school. Flipping through the news on my phone, more and more info of the virus in Wuhan was appearing. It was quite worrying to see the

60-year-old Diving Instructor Drifting on Sea for 4 Days

Last month, an accident happened to a 60-year-old Singaporean Mr John Low when he was doing diving as a diving instructor. His boat sank after being hit by choppy waves. He drifted in South China Sea for four days and three nights with a life buoy and backpack containing his

What if an asteroid was about to hit Earth? Scientists ponder question

Here’s a hypothetical: a telescope detects an asteroid between 100 and 300 meters in diameter racing through our solar system at 14 kilometers per second, 57 million kilometers from Earth. Astronomers estimate a one percent risk the space rock will collide with our planet on April 27, 2027. What should

The National Day of Remembrance

Yesterday, May 20, was the National Day of Remembrance, an annual event in Cambodia that commemorates the Cambodia genocide of the Khmer Rouge regime that ruled the country between 1975 and 1979. The Cambodian name of the day ទិវាជាតិនៃការចងចាំ is translated as “Day of Maintaining Rage”. The date was selected

Obituary: Dolly the sheep

Published online 18 February 2003 | Nature | doi:10.1038/news030217-6 News Obituary: Dolly the sheep Celebrity clone dies of drug overdose. John Whitfield Dolly leaves a few surviving lambs.© AP. For over six years, every bleat of the world’s most famous sheep has been analysed for biological significance and hints of

Sumire Nakamura

Meet Sumire Nakamura, the world’s youngest professional Go player. Many say her precocious talent makes her a genius. But what is a “genius” anyway? And are they born, or made? Nine-year-old Sumire Nakamura goes to primary school in Osaka, Japan. She also happens to be the world’s youngest professional Go

Flying cars and iToilets: welcome to the future

Thousands of glitzy new gadgets have been launched today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Some of the innovations could transform our lives — but not necessarily for the better. Facial recognition cat food bowls that only open for specific pets; freshly baked bread vending machines; underwater drones;