Reflection on Home Based Learning

Home Based Learning had lasted for a long time since the circuit breaker began. The following are some aspects in which I would like to reflect on myself during Home Based Learning. The character strength I identified in my previous reflection was forgiveness. I think this has helped me during Home Based Learning (HBL), especially […]

G9 Reflection

It was a year of excitement in Grade 9 and I had improved a lot. In academics, I am doing better in my time management and planning. Areas of improvements for me is also time management and memorising contents from the textbook. What I need to do better in the rest of Grade 9 and […]

Lights Out

Inspired by Lights out, who’s there?Watch here 11 pm, her normal bedtime. She filled herself a glass of water on the dining table. Swallowing, she felt the sound of water sliding down her throat. After finishing she looked around. Things were strangely quiet in an eerie way. She shivered. She had graduated from university three months […]


It was a growing line that never moved forward. It seemed inevitable for the line to grow thicker, thicker, and eventually filling up the room. You got to go into that door if you wait in the line, but not always, only when you have a full wallet in your pocket. It was a sunny […]

A Life-Changing Decision

The boy walked into the room and put his bag onto the wooden chair. It was like any other day. His bedroom was as dim as usual and so was the muggy smell that accompanied him all year round. He scanned through the room, nothing interesting or new. The bed at the corner was tiny, […]

Structure in Heart of Darkness

– What the writer focuses your attention on at the beginning– How and why the writer changes this focus as the extract develops– Any other structural features that interest you In the extract of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the writer structured the text to interest readers. Firstly, the writer interests readers by putting […]