Analyse Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

Mother to Son is a song written by Langston Hughes in 1922 during the Harlem Renaissance, the most significant art movement in black literature in the US, when African Americans and intellectuals related to black culture evolved, highlighting the ups and downs of African Americans and combat against racism in their literature. During this great […]

U2 – Supplements

This post contains some additional notes for IB Physics Unit 2 Mechanics, especially the concepts that the textbook assumes me to understand but I don’t. Circular motion When a weight (or any other objects) is hanged on a string and doing circular motion, the length of the string, the velocity and the centripetal acceleration is […]

A Train Station

The sky was covered with a layer of fog, making it uniformly light grey. The sun behind the fog didn’t reveal its position but emitted intense light rays burning the train station from every direction. The building sat like a great stamp pressed against the ground, solemnly imprinting a seal of grandeur on the city. […]

Winston’s Memories

Photo created by bedneyimages – Unseen passage analysis (IGCSE Paper 1 Question 2 d)— Ch. 3, Nineteen Eighty Four The question will be based on the following extract. At this moment his mother was sitting in some place deep down beneath him, with his young sister in her arms. He did not remember his […]

This thing saved my day

Just an update on what have been happening since my last blog post. There are lots of things going on during the holiday. Firstly, I participated in a summer programme called Product Design organised by Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies (SPCS). It was a really fun and meaningful experience. I met and worked with lots of people […]

Biology 6 Revision

The following are for an online biology assessment that I will take on Tuesday June 2, it is called B6 – Respiration and Gas Exchange, which covers Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 in the CIE Biology Textbook (Collins). Chapter 11 – Gas exchange in humans Questions 1. Explain as fully as you can why the […]

Project SIAT – Get Started

During the circuit breaker, a lot of school activities were cancelled, including all the services, all activities, all sport trainings and also all of the outdoor exercises. The school has encouraged us to be active do more exercises at home. I did, but to me now a day is filled with academics and intensive sport […]

A Month of Online Lessons

Online lessons were what I have hoped for for a long time. During the Easter break I was wishing that our school should organize online classes instead of going to campus due to the great risk from coronavirus and also since I want to stay at home and relax. Now it had been a month […]

Installing Teamie Themes

In a previous post, I talked about a few themes for Teamie I created. In this post, I am going to specifically talk about how to install these themes on Teamie. Tampermonkey Installing a Teamie theme is not hard. There are only 2 steps in total: Step 1 – Install the Tampermonkey extension. In order […]

A Stolen Antique Vase

Write a detective story about a stolen, antique vase. This is an essay question in an actual exam a few years ago. I enjoyed writing this but if I have a choice, I would definitely not write a detective story in an exam. My imagination is too much for an exam ? “Sir, I didn’t […]