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Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things. And good thing never dies.

Andy Dufresne

An Interview

Now I am (writing from the point of view of) the father of a little girl called Julia. We were travelling in Ecuador but Julia got washed away by a sudden flood. These are my answers to an interview. (truth is, this is a past question of the IGCSE exam)

Our Journey to SA — Day 1

As the night falls, we managed to stumbled out of our house with our luggages. I found out that I forgot my contact lenses, then it was dad, running back into the house, realising that he forgot to open the gate to let the taxi driver in. Anyway, we managed

What happened: Chinese blog doesn’t load again?

On a moonless night, under the starless sky, I was leaning on my desk in front of my laptop, playing the codes, programmes and widgets around in the backend of my website. When saving my Chinese blog, my browser page suddenly turned white — with only a sad-looking face on

Electromagnetism – Physics

Oersted's experiment A current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field around it. Magnetic field patterns Process: In order to plot magnetic field lines around a straight current-carrying wire with a compass, thread a wire through a small hole in a sheet of cardboard. The wire should be perpendicular to the

Physics Homework Jan 27

Section B Magnetic materials can be attracted to magnets while non-magnetic materials cannot. a) The compass needle will be pointing away from the steel, since the current is flowing clockwise, meaning that the end the current is flowing to will be south. As a result, the opposite side, the side

About “Shooting an Elephant”

Intro In this account, set in 1936, George Orwell is a young police officer serving in Burma, India, which was then part of the British Empire. He has been sent to deal with a troublesome elephant. Q1 Imagine you are George Orwell. Write a journal entry, describing your thoughts and

Hello world!

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Things to remember for Econs Test

When mentioning movement along a demand / supply curve, have to state the words “Expansion” and “Contraction“Draw a diagram to analyse the impact on the demand Don’t get tricked by the question over here! What you want to draw is not just the demand curves, but also a supply curve

Silver Award digital diary

Part 1: Services Date: 25/09/2019, 27/09/2019 Timing: 13:00 – 13:45, 15:00 – 16:30 Hours completed: 2.25 Hope Foster Home There were only a few grade 9s in the GC. I was in the decoration group, which is in charge of the decoration of the Chinese Food Stall on UN Night.