Things to remember for Econs Test

When mentioning movement along a demand / supply curve, have to state the words “Expansion” and “Contraction“ Draw a diagram to analyse the impact on the demand Don’t get tricked by the question over here! What you want to draw is not just the demand curves, but also a supply curve that doesn’t change. 6 […]

IA Diary – Until December

International Award (or IA) is the award that I enrolled in UWCSEA. We need to do services and sports every week, and most importantly, an expedition in April 2020, in order to get the final award. Click on the link below to view my diary with my thoughts and feelings from the services and sports […]


Sending humans to Mars has been the dream of many scientists, but it is rather a challenging task. The reading proposes three problems that astronauts could face when going to Mars, yet the professor in the lecture suggests a few solutions and says that that it is possible to send human onto Mars. Firstly, the […]

Drifting in the River

It was getting colder. The cold mist was rising up through my clothes, my skin prickling with its icy touch. They emerged slowly out of the foliage of the enchanted forest, surrounding us in an eerie deafening silence. They were coming closer, I could feel their unrelenting cold glare from their eyes hard and sharp. […]

Properties of Touchscreens

Touchscreens Resistive Benefits Touch in various ways: bare, gloved, stylus Cheaper Drawbacks Poor visibility in strong sunlight Not durable, not hard, could have scratches and wear out No multi-touch Infrared Optical Benefits Hard to break Multi Touch Visible in strong sunlight Drawbacks Expensive Only allow bare fingers (other things do not have enough heat) Heat […]

To Kill a Kiwi Bird

Everything was a blur around her, as in every other day. As a kiwi, she wasn’t able to see things further than the tip of her beak. But from experience she knew that it was dark. It was always like this since she was brought here. From Kella’s exploration in the past days, her long […]


The sun sets, gradually, reluctantly, showing its glory with its last radiance. It is as if the sky is layered in an orange yarn that slowly, gently spreads out from the glorious sun that is filled with magnificence to all the splendid scenery, creating golden light and shade effects. As the sun sets, the brilliancy […]

Science Project 2016

In which light do plants grow best? Download as PDF (Size: 30.5 MB) Intro This is the first scientific research project I did. It was in Grade 6 and with my best friend Holly. Although this research project was really informal, it was still really a great experience to find out something on my own. Author(s) […]

Tubby the Tub Experiment

The result we got from the experiment is that as the total mass of the tub increases, the shorter the distance that it slides along the floor. Why is this so? Let’s assume that there are two tubs with different weights in them and find out the reason why the heavier tub travels a shorter […]