AATMD Chapter 1

Lets start with a profile. Name: Yuanzhang ZHUNickname: Zhu double eight, Zhu 88, Guorui, ZHUSex: MaleNationality: HanBlood type: ?Education Background: None.Job: EmperorFamily Background: (at least three generations) FarmerBirth and Death: 1328 – 1398Favorite Color: Yellow (It seems that he did not have a choice)Father: Zhu five four (to make it easier to read, let’s call […]

Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 6

Today was the last day of the trip. But before we left for Singapore, we went to a few Global Concerns UWCSEA had worked with. The purpose of this was to make the children more confident and not being shy because of their poor family background. These global concerns were some non-profit organizations. They built […]

An On-demand Essay

A theme found in Priscilla and the Wimps by Richard Peck is that some people act proudly in front of people who are weaker than them. This is shown by the writer with characterization, language feature, and the description of heights. Firstly, people usually literally show their pride in front of others who are weaker. […]

Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 4

This is the second day of housebuilding. We took the minibus for one hour to get from our hotel in Svay Rieng to the housebuilding village. We built continuously for 4 and 3 hours without stopping. Nailing have made me a bit numb, that when I finished the last house and walked into the rain, […]

Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 3

Today was the first housebuilding day. We were split into two groups, one going to Svay Rieng, one going to Prey Veng (provinces in Cambodia) for housebuilding. We set off from our hotel, carried our luggage onto the minibus. After all the preparation for housebuilding in Svay Rieng, the 3-hour-drive began. We arrived at the […]

Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 1

In UWC, I joined a project called Tabitha that helps the locals in Cambodia to build houses. With a year of hard work, we raised more than 70,000 SGD. Our next step is to go to the small village in Cambodia and use the fund we raised to build houses for the locals there. On […]

Rehabilitating of young people

Compare how the two writers convey their attitudes to the rehabilitating of young people. In the two texts, Prison can be the right place for kids by Angela Neustatter and a letter written by Oscar Wilde to The Daily Chronical the two writers convey different attitudes to the rehabilitating of young people. In Prison can […]