A Train Station

The sky was covered with a layer of fog, making it uniformly light grey. The sun behind the fog didn’t reveal its position but emitted intense light rays burning the train station from every direction. The building sat like a great stamp pressed against the ground, solemnly imprinting a seal of grandeur on the city. […]

Winston’s Memories

Photo created by bedneyimages – www.freepik.com Unseen passage analysis (IGCSE Paper 1 Question 2 d)— Ch. 3, Nineteen Eighty Four The question will be based on the following extract. At this moment his mother was sitting in some place deep down beneath him, with his young sister in her arms. He did not remember his […]

A Rain in Spring

Photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com Describe what you see from outside your window. Early in the morning, I pulled open the curtains and there, the sky was carpeted in a heavy layer of grey. The rain seems to have been going on for a while. A thin layer of cloud and mist was lingering […]

This thing saved my day

Just an update on what have been happening since my last blog post. There are lots of things going on during the holiday. Firstly, I participated in a summer programme called Product Design organised by Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies (SPCS). It was a really fun and meaningful experience. I met and worked with lots of people […]

Biology 6 Revision

The following are for an online biology assessment that I will take on Tuesday June 2, it is called B6 – Respiration and Gas Exchange, which covers Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 in the CIE Biology Textbook (Collins). Chapter 11 – Gas exchange in humans Questions 1. Explain as fully as you can why the […]

Reflection on Home Based Learning

Home Based Learning had lasted for a long time since the circuit breaker began. The following are some aspects in which I would like to reflect on myself during Home Based Learning. The character strength I identified in my previous reflection was forgiveness. I think this has helped me during Home Based Learning (HBL), especially […]

Compare Sympathy and Caged Bird

Sympathy is written by Paul Laurence Dunbar in 1889 and Caged Bird is written by Maya Angelou in 1983. The two poems convey the same theme using similar technique, but differ in their structure and form. First of all, both Sympathy and Caged Bird convey the idea that African Americans are facing oppression using allusion. In […]

Project SIAT – Get Started

During the circuit breaker, a lot of school activities were cancelled, including all the services, all activities, all sport trainings and also all of the outdoor exercises. The school has encouraged us to be active do more exercises at home. I did, but to me now a day is filled with academics and intensive sport […]

Analyse Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath

Mushrooms is a poem written by Sylvia Plath, an American poet in 1960.  Sylvia Plath’s poems were mostly written in the 1950s to the 1960s, right after World War II. During WWII, most men went to war and women took the jobs that previously employed men. They enjoyed the experiences and opportunities they have got […]