Valentine Day Poems

Today is Valentines Day! I actually don’t know how to celebrate it and no one does in our grade, but in English class, our teacher read a few Valentine Poems to us. There was a few of them that I like, so I am putting them here. The first one is the classic one by […]

Revision for Biology: Photosynthesis and Transportation in plants

Definitions Photosynthesis – the process by which plants manufacture carbohydrates from raw materials using energy from light. Transpiration – loss of water vapour from plant leaves by evaporation of water at the surface of the mesophyll cells followed by diffusion of water vapour through the stomata. Autotroph – Example – plantOrganisms that produce their own […]

What the hell is BOLTSS?

Do geographers draw maps? What are the important things to know when drawing a map and how do geographers (or IGCSE geography students) remember them? All of these can be find in here:

No masks?

As there are starting to have several cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in Singapore, people were rushing to buy masks to avoid being infected. However, while reading through the Straits Times half a week ago, I saw this: Everything is normal, except — why are we not allowed to wear masks if we are not sick? […]

Geo Pre-Coursework: East Coast Park

Notes Is East Coast Park natural? East Coast Park is actually built entirely on reclaimed land at a cost of S$613 million. The newly reclaimed land is constructed by dumping sand on top of marine clay. What did people do to stop / slow down the process of erosion? At first, artificial ‘headlands’ were constructed. These headlands […]

An Interview

Now I am (writing from the point of view of) the father of a little girl called Julia. We were travelling in Ecuador but Julia got washed away by a sudden flood. These are my answers to an interview. (truth is, this is a past question of the IGCSE exam) My wife and I were […]