Running with the Bulls — Language Analysis

Running with the Bulls — Original Text Cascais, along the coast from Lisbon, Portugal, has been described as a ‘picture-postcard perfect little beach town’. Its scintillating colours amazed me when I arrived. The orange roof tiles shone like fire in the midday sun; the stately buildings stood resplendent in their smart coats of colour wash. […]

Guide to Directed Writing

Directed writing is an important part in the IGCSE English Language exam. A little bit like composite writing in TOEFL, this part of the exam asks you to summarise the main points and opinions in an article and to evaluate these opinions. The question might specifically asks you to agree or disagree with the opinions […]

G9 Reflection

It was a year of excitement in Grade 9 and I had improved a lot. In academics, I am doing better in my time management and planning. Areas of improvements for me is also time management and memorising contents from the textbook. What I need to do better in the rest of Grade 9 and […]

What is Resistance?

Previously I usually have no idea of what resistance means, today I finally get it. So the expression of resistance, can be written as this: R = V / I If you think about it, resistance is a rate, meaning Volts per Current. This could be explained as the amount of volt, required to let […]

Valentine Day Poems

Today is Valentines Day! I actually don’t know how to celebrate it and no one does in our grade, but in English class, our teacher read a few Valentine Poems to us. There was a few of them that I like, so I am putting them here. The first one is the classic one by […]

Revision for Biology: Photosynthesis and Transportation in plants

Definitions Photosynthesis – the process by which plants manufacture carbohydrates from raw materials using energy from light. Transpiration – loss of water vapour from plant leaves by evaporation of water at the surface of the mesophyll cells followed by diffusion of water vapour through the stomata. Autotroph – Example – plantOrganisms that produce their own […]

What the hell is BOLTSS?

Do geographers draw maps? What are the important things to know when drawing a map and how do geographers (or IGCSE geography students) remember them? All of these can be find in here: