SG Household Income Statistics

I was reading this article called Household incomes, living standards have gone up on The Straits Times after dinner. There were actually lots of information about Singapore’s recent household income. I was thinking that it might be useful for my essays in the future, so I shared it here in case if it would be useful for others too.

A government survey (conducted every 5 years, based on data collection in 2017 and 2018 from 13,100 Singaporeans):

– Families across all income groups are earning more than they did five years ago and, in general, their incomes are rising faster than their spending.

– The standard of living has continued to rise

– 2012 – 2013, household monthly income rose from SGD$10, 470 to SGD$11,780

– If inflation is taken into account, the rise is 2.2% per year

– The top 20% income group monthly expenditure remains stable at SGD$7.573, while their income grew 1.6% a year to touch SGD$26,587

– The bottom 20% income group’s income jump 2.8% a year to reach SGD$2,235, spending SGD$2,570 a month on average (they were the only ones whose annual growth in spending outstripped their rise in earnings)

Here is the link of the original article:

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