Analyse Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

Mother to Son is a song written by Langston Hughes in 1922 during the Harlem Renaissance, the most significant art movement in black literature in the US, when African Americans and intellectuals related to black culture evolved, highlighting the ups and downs of African Americans and combat against racism in their literature. During this great […]

U2 – Supplements

This post contains some additional notes for IB Physics Unit 2 Mechanics, especially the concepts that the textbook assumes me to understand but I don’t. Circular motion When a weight (or any other objects) is hanged on a string and doing circular motion, the length of the string, the velocity and the centripetal acceleration is […]

Project SIAT – UI / UX Coding

In the post I wrote a month ago, Project SIAT – Get Started, I wrote about how I finished designing the webpage. With the design in hand, I moved into the second stage of making the website (in a hurry), front-end coding. The design I put on the previous post was a high-fidelity interface made […]

IGCSE Geo Revision – Tourism

7 Mark question – A “For-Everything” Case Study Name of location: The Maldives The Maldives lies Southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 700 kilometers from the mainland. It is a small island nation in South Asia in the Arabian sea of the Indian ocean. It’s made up of a chain of 26 atolls spanning […]

IGCSE Geo Revision – Environmental Risks

7 Mark Case Study Questions Causes and Effects of Pollution Human activities may cause water and air pollution. Choose an example which you have studied of either water pollution or air pollution. Describe the causes this pollution and its effects on people and the environment. [7] Causes the discharge of harmful substances into rivers, lakes […]

CS Revision – Arrays

Arrays are list of similar items, usually used in loops and repetitions. They contain similar items. The items in the list are the elements of the array. One-dimensional array are lists identified by the use of a single name and each item int eh list can be found by an index number showing the place […]

Vanuatu · Stranded

The first segment (paragraphs 1-8) is about the author’s impressions of the island. The second segment (paragraphs 9-10) is about the author’s childhood fear. Explain how the writer uses language to convey meaning and create effect in these two paragraphs. In the first segment, the writer expresses his hatred towards the island through the use […]