The Dog Talks

One day, as you were petting and talking to your friend’s dog, it answered back! Write a short story about this.
“Hey Bob,” I patted softly on my friend Holly’s golden retriever, “How are things going today!”
The dog’s tail suddenly stopped waving, and pointed down. He opened his mouth with shiny sharp teeth. “HEY!” He roared. “FINE! Everything is FINE! I will let everyone of you to feel being overwhelmed by a car!” I fell back in terror, with my eyes full of surprise.
Holly’s Diary
Aug 19th
It was a Sunday afternoon, a day after my birthday. My dad bought me a golden retriever as my birthday gift, and I love it! I invited Celia to my house so we could play with it together.
We chatted, played video games together and had so much fun. I led Celia to the dog Bob and she liked it as much as I do. I sat on a bench and she was playing with the dog. However suddenly, she screamed, sat down and fainted. I was so scared so I jumped and sat down to check if the dog bites. The golden retriever was sitting there, looking around innocently. I looked inside its mouth, every tooth was flat. How can Bob even bite!
I was still worried for Celia so I took it to her mum and told her that Celia was too tired and fell asleep on my bed. I ran away and heard her mum: “Celia slept early last night…”
Aug 24th
I am still worrying for Celia. She didn’t come to school for three days already. I am sure that something happened but I am too afraid to ask Celia or tell the other classmate about what happened on Sunday. I am scared that my classmates will tell dad something bad about Bob, and dad will probably take Bob away from me.
Aug 30th
I received an email from Celia this morning. She said that she had nightmares every night since last time I invited her. In her dream, she said, she saw a Labrador sitting in the middle of a road, smiling at her with its green eyes, and said “hey!” It was so real that she woke up in the middle of the night, and could never close her eyes again. She was asking me if this was related to Bob.
A lab with green eyes!? That’s not creepy. I didn’t reply the email but start thinking about the nightmare.
Sep 3rd
Celia was sending me email daily now. She said the black lab was even angrier now. It was trying to find me. I was a bit scared. My grandparents always say that black cats or dogs mean bad luck. I already marked Celia’s address as spam, however curiosity forced me to find her email in the spam box every day.
I had a strange dream yesterday night.
It was a raining night. I was walking on a road, and wandering around aimlessly. Suddenly, there was a force in the wind that pulled me down, and I could not move. I look around, and found that I was sitting in the middle of the road. I saw light coming from the end of the road, and soon I could hear the sound of wheel crashing on the road, coming nearer. I struggled to stand, but the force was too strong. As the car came to my front I yelled and screamed, and pushed the road. My hands were bleeding and my clothes were wet. I heard the sound of the car crushing on my body, the sound of my bone cracking, breaking into pieces.
I opened my eyes. Everything in the room looks quirky. I heard the sound of wind running through the leaves. I looked towards the window, and saw a black animal. It was staring at me with its green eyes. I rubbed my eyes. Nothing was there.
A memory:
“This is your dog now. It is your responsibility to take care of it.” I took a black Labrador out from the box. It was my six years old birthday. I got my first dog and had the joy I have never had before.
A memory: “Holly, the dog is already old and dirty, and you did not wash it for two months! Wash it or I will take it away!” “Take it away then.” It was my voice. “The dog isn’t cute anymore and it can do nothing except peeing and pooing all around.”
I froze.
Another memory:
“Here was the place. See? Lots of families throw their pets here.” Mum carried the old black dog by its legs, and threw it out from the car’s windows. The dog barks desperately.
Sep 8th
I was frightened by that dream. It reminded me of some bad memories. I looked around every time I get in my room, afraid that something might come out and scared me. However, everything was normal, as if nothing had happened on that night.
A twelve-year-old boy was crushed by a Black Benz at night when crossing the road. The driver of the car was not found yet. The police will find more evidence later.

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