C Language Learning starts yesterday

C language is known as the second coding language people want to learn (the first is Java). After I learned (or just get to know about) CSS and html by myself and being caught by my parents together, I am banned to access those learning websites and started C language. It is, I agree, a powerful language, but not the kind I want to learn. Well, to those of you that do not know about the language, it helps you to do some really difficult MATH questions (if you are advanced in coding).
I like math, but the subject isn’t my favorite. I might even have more interest towards art or design, like adding a few animation effects to a search box, or change the color of my blog title when I move my mouse onto it. I admit that it is a strange hobby, none of my friends think that is interesting. I might be spending too much time on that. I  might be an incorrigible stubborn fool, but I just like doing it.
Now I am stuck on the basic of the basics in C language for half an hour: code to do some simple addition. I need a rest for my brain by typing.

Try this website if you want to learn C: http://c.biancheng.net/cpp/

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