Geography or History?

Today we have a few G11 student coming to our class to answer some questions about IGCSE for us.

For humanities, there are three subject that I really want to choose: Economics, Geography and History. Economics is a “must” to me, because it is going to be so useful in the future, but I hesitate when it comes to history and geography.

These two subject both seem quite interesting to me. One is about historical events and one is about volcanos, rivers and stuff. But, historian or geographer?

– easier to learn with less things to read and memorize
– sounds a little bit more interesting with things about natural environment and how it interacts with human
– I already learned a little bit about it in Chinese in my last Chinese school, and I love learning it

– less useful in the future
– need to go onto an island (school trip) to record information
– there will be lots of classmates taking this subject and it will probably be competitive

– very useful in the future (universities)
– more things to share with others
– develop the skills of thinking critically and analyzing things

– very hard
– quite a lot of things to memorize and read
– my classmates all know that the subject is going to be hard, so the ones who actually take the subject would be the ones who are really good at it or really like it

So how should I balance it? My interest now or my future?

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