The Last Speech Class

What is so special with this new year (pig year)?

Pig year is a very special year because it is the last year in the twelve Zodiacs. It is one of the luckiest zodiac as it is the symbol of wealth, fortune and love. Although it is only a Chinese culture, it becomes the motivation for people to work hard and  realize their goals in the future.

Pig year is already a quite different year for me. It is the my first time to go back to China for Chinese New year and to have the Reunion dinner with my whole family. I felt so happy to be with my whole family again, especially my grandparents and my great-grandparents. We went to the flower market together, plaint about how expensive things in Singapore are (I kind of forget that after staying in Singapore for 2 years). We decorate our house together and it is flashing red and pink. I rode my old yellow bike with my parents and my sister to the supermarket to buy yogurt in the setting sun. All the forgotten memories came out which makes me feel so good. The day before Chinese New Year my whole family were lying on the sofa, watching the festival gala.

Additionally, in this year I am going to step into high school, take IGCSE and work on the subjects I chose. This year is significant as it decides what I will do and what kind of person I am going to be in the future. IGCSE subjects became the topic my classmates talk about during recess and I have been discussing this with my parents all the time.

Alvin’s information:

Questionnaire for Alvin:

1. What is the life experience that changes you the most?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a rage quitter
3. How do aliens affect you? Is it a motivation for you?
4. What are your ways to get through tests? Are they still going to work in high schools?
5. How are you going to use your strengths in the future?
6. Do you like violin? Have you ever thought of quitting it?
7. How did your personality of “trying hard” help you?

Friendly nickname?
Special talent? Why only grade 5? Any other?
Good at dying.
Do you like the strengths?
Good at them and like them.
Which first?
Good at them, then like them.
Which sport usually play?
Football mainly.

Sam’s information:

Questionnaire for Sam:

1. What makes you think that you did not have an interesting life?

2. Did any cultural believes affect you / to make you think that good things of life will come eventually?
Just self comfort.
3. Do you cherish the times when you were in grade 7? Why?
Yes! Grade 7 teacher are nice. Grade 8 slap slap.
4. How are you going to use your imagination in the future?
Best animationist.
5. When do you age 2 mentally?
When doing maths. 5 years old
Assembly good morning back
6. Who are your imaginary friends?
forgot about them
Jeff Bob talks a lot.

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