Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 4

This is the second day of housebuilding. We took the minibus for one hour to get from our hotel in Svay Rieng to the housebuilding village.

We built continuously for 4 and 3 hours without stopping. Nailing have made me a bit numb, that when I finished the last house and walked into the rain, I realized that we had already built 15 houses, three times the number of the houses built yesterday.

We built 20 houses in two days, which means that 20 families have a shelter that is safe (protected from snakes), big enough and dry on rainy days. I felt very proud of myself. When the night falls, we celebrated for the completion of the 20 houses. We made a big circle, and the 20 families that lived in our houses came up one by one. These families had 3 members on average, most of the families had more than one children and had one parent missing. Most of the villagers have smiles on their faces. We gave each family a silk blanket and blessed each other. We really did help them a lot. I wish we could give more help.

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