A Letter to KJ Dell’ Antonia

673 Highland Court
CA 90505
17th November 2018

54 Walnutwood Ave.
ME 04103

Dear KJ Dell’ Antonia:

I am writing to you to express my opinion towards the points in your article. I strongly agree that choosing a career path is a serious problem for students nowadays.

In your article, you mentioned the main question that many students are not sure of: Should the students continue to do the extracurricular activities that they have been pursuing? You also have many smaller arguments, such as, should they turn professional, can they return the activity back to an amateur approach, can they get a break from the endless activities, etc.

I strongly agree that these are serious questions that are worth all students to think about. I would also like to suggest some of my own opinions about these questions. Firstly, when considering if they want to turn professional, students should consider their interest in the activity. If they find their activities interesting as they dig deeper into the activities, they should turn professional. On the other hand, if they just like it from an amateur approach and find it insipid and stressful, they should not turn professional, even if learning the activity can give them lots of financial profits.

Some other things to consider about before putting lots of effort into the activity is the original reason for doing it. It is possible that students will not be able to return back to an amateur approach if they have been used to a highly professionalized version of it. Despite your hobby/sport not being as high stakes as it was previously, you may enjoy it even more as there will be no pressure to perform to the same level and you can enjoy the sport/hobby and have fun with it again. Furthermore, doing endless extra-extracurricular activities can wear the students out as it is nearly impossible for them to have a break. In my opinion, if students find doing it tiring, they probably have lost their original reason to do the activity. They should stop doing it if they start to see as a burden instead of interest, but if they are still motivated they should persevere.

As a conclusion, I think it depends if students should continue to do the extracurricular activities that they have been pursuing. Things that they should consider about first before making the decision include their interest towards the activity, the reason that they are doing the activity, and their ability to do the activity along with the majors they are learning in the university. Students should all think about these questions so they can choose their career path with confidence when the time comes.

Your Sincerely,
Cecelia Luo.

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