Sport activities during Easter break

Sport activities during Easter break

When the Easter Break first start, I was getting really busy due to my tuitions and other projects that I want to do therefore this is my first time writing the diary since school ended in March.

When the Easter break first started, students were still able to go back to school at any time if they pass the temperature check. Therefore, I went back to school for four or five times for badminton training. Since many students are finding going back to school too risky, most of them are staying at home and thus my badminton coach has a lot of free time slots. That was quite a surprise for me. I trained twice a week at school. I felt that I am gradually getting more consistent while playing and I am quite confident that I can get into SEASAC next year too.

After about two weeks of badminton training, due the a government’s policy, courses at school, including all sports training must be cancelled. I can’t do badminton training anymore, but I always try to do 3 sets of 90 seconds plank every night.

When school started a few days ago, we received tasks from our PE lessons. One of these is to complete an activity or workout aiming to increase my heart rate to >80% of my maximum.

So I did a workout that I designed myself. At first, I was planning, to do lunges, but after the first try, I didn’t increase my heart rate to 80% maximum, so after that I decided to do some jumping and high knees. As expected, I got enough heart rate this time… Except I almost reach my maximum heart rate of 206 (I got 200 bpm). My life will be at risk if I actually reach my maximum heart rate. Next time perhaps I should wear something that can tell me my heart rate when I am exercising so I won’t put myself in danger again.

Overall, I feel that I am doing ok in sport exercises after the Easter break started. The only sad thing is that I won’t be able to practice badminton and I don’t even know when I can do badminton again. I genuinely hope that everything can go back to normal soon.

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