A Rain in Spring

A Rain in Spring

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Describe what you see from outside your window.

Early in the morning, I pulled open the curtains and there, the sky was carpeted in a heavy layer of grey. The rain seems to have been going on for a while.

A thin layer of cloud and mist was lingering atop rows of green hills, slowly gliding past the hilltops. The lush mountainside was coated by a sheet of misty gauze, as if it were an unreachable paradise far away. The hazy mix of mist and rain obscured the top of the mountain, fusing into the turquoise sky. The Spring rain was mild and relaxed against the myrtle-colored hills, gently showing its ethereal beauty in the calming air.

Imperceptibly, the continuous rain gradually turned more placid and serene. In the wooden pavilion on the balcony, the moist air was mixed with the faint fragrance of the verdant grass and the fresh aroma of the tender flowers. The garden was steadily waking from its dormancy during the winter days. On the tips of the frail branches on the bare tree were tiny mint-green leaves, its silk-soft surface reflecting dim, greenish light. The tender grass reached out from the soil under the caress of the Spring rain, its green foliage dripping with freshness. Sporadic spots of white flowers scattered randomly, blooming freely while shaking slightly in the smooth breeze.

I stood up and walked out of the pavilion. All of a sudden, from a tall tree nearby, there was a shriek of a bird, clear and loud, piercing through the rain. Another cry immediately came from another tree far behind the balcony, as if responding the first. The echo of the two birds called, uncountable tiny rain droplets tapped on the bushes, the gusts of wind whispered between the rustling trees. All of these composed a calming concerto performed in the freshness of Spring. Nature seemed to be all around, in the breaths, on the fingertips, gently wiping away all sorrows and anxiousness.

When I returned inside, it was still mizzling outside. The Spring rain creates picturesque scenery, awakens all living things, and soothes the haze in people’s hearts.

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