Random Debates

Should guns be banned? Guns should be banned, because it will be safer for the citizens. In 1996, On 13 March, 16 school children and one teacher in Dunblane Primary School in Scotland were killed. On 28 April, 35 people were killed in the popular tourist resort of Port Arthur, on Tasmania with a semi-automatic […]

Should graffiti be considered art?

Should graffiti be considered art? Graffiti was started in the 1960s in America. It is the paintings or drawings on the walls or other surfaces usually without permission within public view. We must not consider it art. It is vandalism and we must take action to stop it! Have you ever seen graffiti in the […]

Debate Topics

Should schools ban homework? No. Homework improve children’s memory of the things they have learnt in class. If they do not do homework they will forget the things they have learnt and the time they spent in class will be wasted. Do not have to be a lot. For kindergarten children maybe parents should help […]