Should graffiti be considered art?
Graffiti was started in the 1960s in America. It is the paintings or drawings on the walls or other surfaces usually without permission within public view. We must not consider it art. It is vandalism and we must take action to stop it!
Have you ever seen graffiti in the car parks behind your cars? Have you ever found them all around the bridges and found them annoying? This is why we should not consider it art, stop encouraging it, and clean them. It is unorganized, illegal, and an eye sore.
Some people think that “Few people go to art exhibitions nowadays, the art comes to them!”. Well, it is understandable that some graffiti are well organized and are not messy, however, it is illegal! Think about it, the walls and surfaces are not owned by anyone, not the citizens. If you are caught doing graffiti, you can be arrested and prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 or be fined $5000 and above!
We must stop graffitiing! We must oppose the so-called artists being illegal! We must stop graffitiing from spreading and eradicate it from the states! This is how we face the laws with the right attitudes, not ruining the walls furtively! You and I as citizens should all promulgate the idea of expressing art in the right way, like painting on canvas, making some outdoor ads using billboards. With all the powerful voices from you and me we can stop the acts of vandalism in the ground of the states. Will you join us?