TPO 50 Writing

Integrated Writing In the reading, the idea of traveling to Mars is introduced. It is known as an impossible plan as there is not enough food, water, oxygen supply, zero gravity and the strong space radiation from the sun. However, the professor thinks that the plan is possible as the three problems mentioned in the […]

TPO 51 Writing

Integrate Writing Humans have long been fascinated by elephants because of their surprising behaviors. The reading has explained their behaviors of breaking away from their herds, their artistic ability and their fear of mice, while the professor in listening part said that humans are misunderstanding their behaviors. Firstly, the reading tells that elephants break away […]

TPO 52 Writing

Integrated Writing The reading suggests that asteroids are the best colonization option for a number of reasons, but the professor thinks it is not a practical idea because all the reasons in the reading have lots of downsides. Firstly, the reading states that asteroids gain a lot of advantages from its low gravity, as spaceships […]

TPO 54 Writing

Integrate Writing The reading suggests three ways to reduce salt level in the Salton Sea, a salty inland lake. However, the professor disagree with both of the three ways. Firstly, the reading proposes that people can use facilities to evaporate the water and remove salt from the lake. However, the professor thinks that it will […]

Elegy For My Father’s Father

How does Baxter convey a sense of admiration for his grandfather in “Elegy For My Father’s Father”? In the poem Elegy For My Father’s Father, James K. Baxter conveys a sense of admiration for his grandfather, through describing his grandfather’s bitter memory that was never told to anyone, and describing his hard work and dedication […]

The Transatlantic Trade

The Transatlantic Trade is the trade between Europe, America and Africa across the Atlantic Ocean starting from the 16th to the 19th century. There are three main stages of the Transatlantic slave trade: Africa sold slaves to The Caribbean, America sold raw materials to Europe and Europe trade the manufactured goods to West Africa. The […]

Examination Day Theme Essay

Rulers around the world want loyalty from their people, either to benefit the country or to benefits himself. However, rulers in some places control people strictly and unreasonably, sometimes, without thinking of people’s feelings when they want power and loyalty, harm the society, which is reflected ironically in “Examination Day”. Dickie is an eleven-year-old boy […]