The Transatlantic Trade

The Transatlantic Trade is the trade between Europe, America and Africa across the Atlantic Ocean starting from the 16th to the 19th century.
There are three main stages of the Transatlantic slave trade: Africa sold slaves to The Caribbean, America sold raw materials to Europe and Europe trade the manufactured goods to West Africa. The trade did not stop in the three centuries and the main reason for that was that it relied upon different people’s needs of the trades. America needed slaves to collect raw materials (mostly sugar) in the plantations during wars to use it and sold it to Europe. Europe needed raw materials from America to manufacture things like guns, telegraphs during the Industrial Revolution. The Africans and their king liked the European goods and sold their own strongest men and women as slaves. The trade made people very wealthy because the things exported in the three paces are all more valuable than the things they imported. As a result, opposition to the slave trade was made more difficult because everyone relied on it and aborting it will negatively affect the Economy.

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