Once Upon a Fishbowl

This is a debut novel written by Aria, a person in our grade that I always know but never talk to. I never knew that she write books, until in the assembly last week she present her impressive book in our G8 assembly. It is already on for sale in lots of book stores and even Amazon has her book. She already earned S$35,000 from selling her book.


Are fish racist? Are they swimming in human footsteps? Do fish ever look at the color of another’s fins and swim away instinctively, or bubble out insults because a shaded tail goes against their moral beliefs? Do they shrink back into the anemone, or hide behind a lock of kelp in the presence of those they deem unsatisfactory?Selena Gilliams is a fry living amongst shoals of other fish, governed by the same base emotions which afflict humans, pulsing with the same lofty desires which raise a fish above the common mollusc. She is a fry weighed down by an adversarial world.She is a blue fish living in a ‘yellow-privilege’ society.She is a girl forced down in a male-dominated sea.She is a Jehovah’s Witness, perched inside culturally judgmental waters. This is a story – a relatively true one – of a fish with a fiery determination and a sheer iron will to break out of the age-old chains binding her and reach the very top of the world… to become the greatest athlete to have played the legendary game of “Bubble Ball”… Based on the life of Serena Williams – the one she might have had if she had been born in the magical ocean world of fish…

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