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In the reading, high tax for cigarette and unhealthy food is beneficial for the society as it will discourage people to smoke and eat unhealthy food, it will make the society fairer by letting people to cover up their own medical fees and governments can use the tax to do things that are beneficial for the society. However, the professor thinks that all the three reasons for higher tax can be challenged.
Firstly, the reading states that high tax will discourage people from their bad behaviors. However, the professor thinks that people will still continue on with their bad behaviors. For example, if the tax for cigarettes is higher, smokers will buy cheaper cigarettes that are more harmful for their body. Also, people will keep buying unhealthy food even if they are very expensive. This will cause people that buy unhealthy food to spend all of their money and they will have no money to buy healthy food.
Secondly, the reading thinks that when smokers and people that eat unhealthy food get sick, they create medical costs and other people that pay taxes have to cover the costs for the sick people, and this is really unfair. On the other hand, the professor thinks that it will still be unfair after the tax is raised–poorer people with bad behavior need to pay more percentage of their money than people with more income.
Thirdly, from the reading, governments can use the tax from people with bad behaviors to do other things that benefits the society, for instance, building stadiums or creating public parks. However, the professor thinks that there is a downside of it: governments will get million of dollars and start to rely too much on it, thus will not pay attention on implementing laws or eliminating people’s bad behaviors because they don’t want to lose the income.
In conclusion, the professor does not agree with the idea of paying higher tax and thinks that all the three reasons for higher tax mentioned in the reading can be challenged.
Independent Writing

I do not agree with the statement that it is more important for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than to improve transportation as transportation is more important to people nowadays, transportation has more severe problems than internet access and I think humans should rely more on the reality than on the internet.

Firstly, transportation is more important than Internet assess in everyone’s life nowadays. For example, if you have a dancing class one afternoon and you already communicated well with your dancing teacher. However, there is a traffic congestion you couldn’t get to the dancing class on time. If you have an important meeting with your classmate at a certain place, but because of the traffic you couldn’t discuss things with your classmates. These problems cannot be solved no matter how good your internet access is. The only solution is to improve the traffic, the transportation.

Secondly, transportation has more severe problems than internet access. Everyday, millions of people with different careers in all ages suffer a lot from traffic congestion. They miss important things and waste a lot of time while waiting on the road. In contrast, internet access is only important to some people, but obviously not to all. for example, only people that are living in their office need to use email. The cleaners on the street and the aunts on the buss, they never need to use email, but they do need to use some kind of transportation to get to their works.

Some people might think that transportation and Internet access are both important to them, but why should the government spend more money on transportation? I understand that some people rely on both, but I believe that it is better for people to live in the reality instead of living on the internet. In reality, communication become easier and more effective, feelings are easier to expressed between family members and friends, and our organs are also more used to relaxing in the reality than watching the screen.

As a conclusion, I believe that it is more important for governments to spend money to improve transportation than to improve internet access to a large extent because of the above reasons.

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