Random Speech: Fear

Fear Introduction:
Are you afraid of the dark? Have you ever screamed when you see a spider? These are common signs of fear in people’s life. Fear is always something people try not to show, but it is quite useful. In this speech, I am going to talk about the usefulness of fear.
Body paragraph 1:
Firstly, fear helps you to stay safe. Fear is often thought as a sign of cowardice, being “not brave”, and people usually do not show it in front of others. However, it is defined as the feeling induced by perceived danger or threat. When you are feeling afraid, there must be something that you think is potentially dangerous, and your instinct of being afraid helps you to stay away from it. For example, when you are in the dark, you cannot see the things around you clearly, so you think that you will run into something or something is going to jump out. Therefore, you walk slowly, and that will prevent you from knocking onto the sharp edge of a table or stepping on a toy on the floor. When you see a spider, you are afraid that this strange little creature will do some unexpected things that hurt you. Therefore you run from it, which reduce the chance of you being bit by the spider.
Body paragraph 2:
Secondly, fear helps you to improve yourself. When you fear for something about yourself, it is probably your weakness, and you think that it makes you not strong enough for the things you are encountering and you will want to improve yourself to make yourself stronger. For example, when you are fear for a math test, it is very possible that you are not so good at math or you think that you do not have enough time to prepare for it. Now, fear will be your motivation to improve your math so you won’t be so scared next time when you have a math test.
Body paragraph 3:
Thirdly, fear makes your life more interesting. If there is not fear in life, everything is in your comfort zone, everything will be the same everyday and it will be so boring. On the other hand, when you have something to fear about, you have an aim to be accomplish. For example, if you have a school trip that need you to walk on muddy roads and streams full of leeches, you might be very scared at first, but when you get involved in it and finally come back from the trip alive, you will find it so exciting and will gain the happiness from overcome challenges, going over your comfort zone. 
Above are three ways which fear is useful to us: it helps you to stay safe, to improve yourself and makes your life more interesting. It is indispensible in our lives. Can you even imagine a world without fear?

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