Grade 8 Reflection

I found it a bit sad to leave Middle School. It was such a year of excitement and I improved a lot. In academics, I found out that the learning strategy that works the best on me was to practice. Practice makes perfect. In Math, I tried to do and did all the questions on Teamie, and now I am able to solve Math problems in a quicker speed. I used to find it hard to read in English, but this year I read more and was able to scan through texts. I participated in Tabitha, a Cambodia Global Concern this year. I contributed to Tabitha by help raising money. I introduced the GC to the families of my sister’s friends at school, and they really appreciated it. It was a large percentage of all the money I raised. A challenge in Tabitha was that you need to introduce the program every time you try to raise money. To do this, I need to read through the whole Tabitha website, which helps me myself to understand the program more. From the trip to Cambodia, I learned that helping people in poverty wasn’t just about raising money. The mental help we gave them was also very important. In the aspect of outdoor education, I enjoyed the Chiang Mai expedition trip a lot. During the expedition, I got to do many things that I have never done before and things that I would never do without the expedition. I got the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and do things on my extreme. After I went back from the expedition I started to realize the preciousness of the environment I live in. It is not that I do not like outdoor activities, but I still find it quite challenging. I found out that there is more in me than I thought. In the expedition, when we were traveling from campsite to campsite, carrying the 40l backpack, I thought I would collapse on the way, and I would definitely give up if I had the chance. But in the expedition, I did not have the choice, so I kept walking for more than 3 km. This made me realize that it was hard to get out of my comfort zone, but doing so is not going to harm me. During my Advisory Group time, we usually read the news together. We shared our opinion about news articles. This helps me to know more about the world around me, and it also allows me to know about other people’s opinions towards the same thing. I contributed to my AG by sometimes sharing my opinion. I also learned about how much time a person could waste on doing two things at a time. I tried to do more time management, and it did help. I participated in the school Badminton team and took part in a few matches. I do badminton training twice a week and I am planning to go to the U19 badminton trial next year. The character strength that I demonstrated the most was forgiveness, I was calmer and objective when someone did something wrong. I have many goals for myself next year, but the most important one is to have good time management because there will be so much more things to do next year and time management was the basis of doing everything.

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