School Strike for Climate Change

Hi UWC students, teachers, and parents,

As you may know, we, a group of Grade 8 students (Leon Hunte, Hugo Hannigan, Jessica Morgan, and David Walton), are organising a school strike this Friday (24th). We are protesting against climate change, inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and the Fridays For Future movement that followed. More than 1800 strikes are being held worldwide on every continent this Friday, in an organised Global Strike, and in many places strikes are held every week.

Here, in Singapore, the laws around protesting and striking are relatively strict, and therefore the UWC strike will be kept private, meaning that we will not be inviting people from outside of the community to join the strike, nor will we leave school property.

We recognise and applaud the fact that we go to a fantastic school that works hard to reduce its impact on the environment and that all students, at the very least, know what Climate Change is and some of its effects. However, our ideal objective for the strike is to make everyone in the UWC community as informed and engaged in the climate action movement as we are, as well as to encourage the school to work even harder to be even more environmentally sustainable. This could mean increasing existing climate initiatives such as Veggie Wednesdays and No Drive days or doing other activities such as beach clean-up.

Important strike details:
This Friday, the 24th of May from 08:30 to 10:00. Participants will walk out of class, respectfully explaining where and why they’re striking to the teacher if their teacher asks.
The participants will meet in the Tent Plaza, where they will meet and strike until 10 o’clock, before returning back to Advisory Group.

We will use our voice. We will stand for what is right, and make a real difference. Despite our age, we have power, and we will use it together with the thousands of others doing it with us to fight against climate change and to save the planet for ourselves and all future generations.

Join us.


Email us: or or

Our Instagram account, ‘fridaysforfuture_uwc’:

The Fridays For Future Instagram account.

Fridays For Future website, including a map of climate strikes worldwide.

Instagram account of Greta Thunberg, who started the school strike movement

A useful strike guide for students, parents, and teachers made by Fridays For Future

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