Tattoos: human race is going backwards?

9 Brooklands Drive
17th November 2018

The Wigan Observer

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my total disagreement for your point in the article: Tattoos prove that the human race is going backwards. It does not make any sense at all.

Tattoos are a form of art in lots of cultures that exist even before Jesus Christ. It was precious, invented with the intelligence of our ancestor and was first made with simple tools such as fish bones, bones and oyster shells, and was usually used to convey medical information of the wearer. Although modern people who wear tattoos were, obviously, out of different purposes, tattoos were still a valued cultural heritage that needs our help to pass it on. It is wrong to say that tattoos are causes or results for the human race going backwards.

Tattoos are also a way for people to express themselves. Yes. Those with tattoos have other ways to express themselves, for example, by writing, speak to others, posting it on social media, or let other people do these to them. However, every human being has the right to choose their way to do it. Some people might find tattooing a more artistic way than simply writing down words, some people might found tattooing empowering and encouraging, and some people might want others to look at him in the way he wants them to with the tattoos. These were all reasonable, and it is arbitrary to criticize others without knowing them.

I resent those people who see tattoos as signs of violence. Tattoos should be socially acceptable. It is a fact that the majority of male criminals have tattoos. One explanation of this is that they always tried to seek ways to express themselves. On the other hand, criminals were not the only ones who have tattoos. Other people with different jobs, including athletes, artists, poets, designers. Tattoos may have a different meaning to them. Many celebrities have tattoos: Winston Churchill, King George V, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Orwell and Thomas Edison among them. Do people usually consider them as violent criminals?

Yours faithfully,
Cecelia Luo

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