The sun sets, gradually, reluctantly, showing its glory with its last radiance. It is as if the sky is layered in an orange yarn that slowly, gently spreads out from the glorious sun that is filled with magnificence to all the splendid scenery, creating golden light and shade effects. As the sun sets, the brilliancy slowly fades, leaving the sky a dark blue void. The clouds are dyed grey and orange, floating in front of the sun as if not letting it go, bidding farewell to it. Underneath the splendid sky, the hills look like green and yellowish waves from a distance, creating grandeur patterns on the dark green grassland, some delicate and some complicated as a labyrinth. Their yellowish-brown color makes them desolate, while after taking a good look at it, there are lively and adorable tiny silhouettes grazing. Among them is a rugged brownish mountain, precipitous on all four sides, as if it had been peeled with a sharpened knife. Around the hills, the narrow and lengthy road, as if it was a humongous dragon, spiraling towards the setting sun, getting thinner and disappear around a curve of the road. On the back of the hills are the woods, murky and mysterious with uncertainty and unpredictability, untouched by any slight gleam of sunlight.

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