G9 Reflection

G9 Reflection

It was a year of excitement in Grade 9 and I had improved a lot. In academics, I am doing better in my time management and planning. Areas of improvements for me is also time management and memorising contents from the textbook. What I need to do better in the rest of Grade 9 and Grade 10 is to do revision in a more efficient way by using textbooks, doing all the questions on the workbooks so that preparing for exams will be less stressful.

I have participated in a college service and a Global Concern. The main way that I contribute to the college service is to attend weekly to help taking care of the plants. During the process, I had learned a lot about myself — I don’t like getting my hands dirty, but when I think about the changes that I can make, I feel motivated again. I contributed to the Global Concern is by helping out on UN Night at the bake sale. Participating in High School services is a different experience from participating in Middle School services. Student leaders take the responsibility to run the services and I had learned a lot about how an event is organised.

I enjoyed my outdoor expeditions a lot. During my trip to Australia in October, I was not only impressed by the magnificent sceneries of the country, but also got out of my comfort zone. Even though I don’t like to be always out of my comfort zone, I cherished the opportunity to feel and to experience things that will never be in my life in Singapore. What I had learnt about myself for the first time is that I could still be so happy and excited when I am out of my comfort zone.

I was actively involved in the PSE sessions during Mentor Group time, but I think I can be more involved during group discussions and that would be what I am going to work on for the rest of Grade 9. PSE sessions had helped me. It encourages me to think about questions and situations in life that I thought I know but had never clearly thought about. What I had learnt about myself is that how much power I have, since knowing what to do and make correct decisions in situations can really help someone else out and make others and myself less vulnerable.

I am involved in SEASAC badminton this year. Besides improving my badminton skills, I also learned about how to cope with stress and change my own mindset — from thinking about factors that I can’t control and panic to focusing on things that I can control and become calmer. I also participated in Girls in Tech, an activity led by students. I learned lots of useful things such as how a large-scale event is organised (logistics, sponsorships, etc) that I never knew before. This would be useful for me when I am organising an activity myself in the future. NYAA is another activity that I participated in. We reflect on what we did in our activities and services. This helps us to improve our performances.

Activities that I do outside of school include private badminton training. It is harder than the trainings I do on weekdays. From these trainings, I learn to persevere when my body feels painful as I gradually improve. The character strength that I demonstrate this year is forgiveness. I am able to forgive people when they do things that I don’t like. The character strength that I would like to work on for the rest of Grade 9 is love of learning. Being able to like my subjects will be my motivation to do better in all of my subjects.

I have many goals for myself next year, but the most important one is to work more efficiently and try to take less time when doing my academics by making really detailed plans for my tasks.

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