Drifting in the River

It was getting colder. The cold mist was rising up through my clothes, my skin prickling with its icy touch. They emerged slowly out of the foliage of the enchanted forest, surrounding us in an eerie deafening silence. They were coming closer, I could feel their unrelenting cold glare from their eyes hard and sharp. […]

Song by Adrienne Rich Analysis

Song You’re wondering if I’m lonely: OK then, yes, I’m lonelyas a plane rides lonely and levelon its radio beam, aimingacross the Rockies*for the blue-strung aislesof an airfield on the ocean You want to ask, am I lonely?Well, of course, lonelyas a woman driving across countryday after day, leaving behindmile after milelittle towns she might […]


It was a growing line that never moved forward. It seemed inevitable for the line to grow thicker, thicker, and eventually filling up the room. You got to go into that door if you wait in the line, but not always, only when you have a full wallet in your pocket. It was a sunny […]

Analysis on an Effective Narrative

How does Tim Winton use plot to engage readers in the social concern(s) of ‘On Her Knees’? Initially, there is an individual vs. society conflict, as Vic’s mother was always patronized by her employers, who had taken her for granted and were trying to chip her rate down, even though she had got a good […]

Dystopian London – And the 100th Post

London was empty, silent and spooky. The dark sky was cloudy and foggy, shrouding London. The River Thames, as if drought-stricken, was filled with barren, parched soil instead of fresh and clear water. Right in the middle of the river was a cargo ship half-sank in the perfectly opaque soil, full of goods. The cargo […]

Language Techniques in H is for Hawk

How does the writer use language to convey the majestic nature of the hawk and the feelings of Helen Macdonald? The writer uses metaphor to convey the majestic nature of the hawk. This can be shown from the description of the hawk: “She is a conjuring trick. A reptile. A fallen angel. A griffon from […]

Analysis on an Article about Deception

Recently, I was doing a Coursera course on statistics and social sciences. I read this article named “Self-Deceived Individuals Are Better at Deceiving Others” on Plos One and below is my analysis on it. (My first time doing an analysis on an essay!) The article shows a possible relationship between self-deception and deception through testing it […]

A Letter to KJ Dell’ Antonia

673 Highland Court Torrance CA 90505 17th November 2018 54 Walnutwood Ave.PortlandME 04103 Dear KJ Dell’ Antonia: I am writing to you to express my opinion towards the points in your article. I strongly agree that choosing a career path is a serious problem for students nowadays. In your article, you mentioned the main question […]

Deaths on the Everest

The title sounds a lot like Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, but it is actually the topic of our last English assessment in the school year of 2018 – 2019. The unit was about how to identify bias from an article or other media effectively. The article we did the assessment was a recent post […]