Obituary: Dolly the sheep

Published online 18 February 2003 | Nature | doi:10.1038/news030217-6 News Obituary: Dolly the sheep Celebrity clone dies of drug overdose. John Whitfield Dolly leaves a few surviving lambs.© AP. For over six years, every bleat of the world’s most famous sheep has been analysed for biological significance and hints of decrepitude.No longer: Dolly was put […]

Sumire Nakamura

Meet Sumire Nakamura, the world’s youngest professional Go player. Many say her precocious talent makes her a genius. But what is a “genius” anyway? And are they born, or made? Nine-year-old Sumire Nakamura goes to primary school in Osaka, Japan. She also happens to be the world’s youngest professional Go player. Go is an ancient […]

Random Debates

Should guns be banned? Guns should be banned, because it will be safer for the citizens. In 1996, On 13 March, 16 school children and one teacher in Dunblane Primary School in Scotland were killed. On 28 April, 35 people were killed in the popular tourist resort of Port Arthur, on Tasmania with a semi-automatic […]

Should graffiti be considered art?

Should graffiti be considered art? Graffiti was started in the 1960s in America. It is the paintings or drawings on the walls or other surfaces usually without permission within public view. We must not consider it art. It is vandalism and we must take action to stop it! Have you ever seen graffiti in the […]

Rehabilitating of young people

Compare how the two writers convey their attitudes to the rehabilitating of young people. In the two texts, Prison can be the right place for kids by Angela Neustatter and a letter written by Oscar Wilde to The Daily Chronical the two writers convey different attitudes to the rehabilitating of young people. In Prison can […]

In Malaysia by Mary Oliver

   Moonlight   washes the red tiles   and the white walls    the streets   are cool at last   after the great    heat of the day   the gardeners   have all gone home    leaving the lawns   perfect   the ocean    rises   sighing   dragging its sleeves    of light and litter   along the shore   in the distance […]

Debate Topics

Should schools ban homework? No. Homework improve children’s memory of the things they have learnt in class. If they do not do homework they will forget the things they have learnt and the time they spent in class will be wasted. Do not have to be a lot. For kindergarten children maybe parents should help […]


Tsunami is a series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water, generally in an ocean or a large lake. It is a threat to human as it damages coastal areas environmentally and economically by causing great loss of lives and property damage. Firstly, tsunamis negatively affect […]

Random Speech: Fear

Fear Introduction: Are you afraid of the dark? Have you ever screamed when you see a spider? These are common signs of fear in people’s life. Fear is always something people try not to show, but it is quite useful. In this speech, I am going to talk about the usefulness of fear. Body paragraph […]