Random Speech

Earlier in the year, Hawking said that: “We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds.” In this speech, I am going to introduce the consequences and solution of the overpopulation in the recent years. Population is growing rapidly all around the world and Earth is running out […]

Flying cars and iToilets: welcome to the future

Thousands of glitzy new gadgets have been launched today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Some of the innovations could transform our lives — but not necessarily for the better. Facial recognition cat food bowls that only open for specific pets; freshly baked bread vending machines; underwater drones; self-driving cars. From the ridiculous […]

First Day of Term 2!

First day of Term 2: – people said “hey Celia nice haircut!”– volleyball in PE (our group got the 1st place!)– humanities–Mrs. Fox came to cover for Mrs. Song– drama–learn Shakespeare’s insulting words (fool-borned foot-licker etc.) So far so good… Also I have create a new homepage for Becomingcelia using a free host platform. www.becomingcelia.comif […]

C Language Learning starts yesterday

C language is known as the second coding language people want to learn (the first is Java). After I learned (or just get to know about) CSS and html by myself and being caught by my parents together, I am banned to access those learning websites and started C language. It is, I agree, a […]

Tanka Try!

I hate flowershiding from sunshinebut thenI found the one in the shadeis me I placebooks in the lumber roomsuddenlytake them outunable to leave the memories

A Series of Tanka by Kala Ramesh

   love   is an oasis   you say…   or does our thirst   play tricks on us?   surfing through   channels of thought   I tune into   the lingering memory   of mother’s favourite saris   she lights   the bronze lamp   each morning   a new day for mother to love   her Goddess, all over again   a hundred lies   just to cover  […]

TPO Speaking Topics Question 1

TPO Speaking Topics These are some questions in question 1 that appeared before in TOEFL past papers. I found them pretty challenging (probably because that I have never prepared for them before, so here I am to prepare them!). Question 1 Familiar topics: 34: Your university plans to open a café inside the campus library. […]

Once Upon a Fishbowl

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ This is a debut novel written by Aria, a person in our grade that I always know but never talk to. I never knew that she write books, until in the assembly last week she present her impressive book in our G8 assembly. It is already on for sale in lots of book […]

TPO 53 Writing

Integrated Writing In the reading, high tax for cigarette and unhealthy food is beneficial for the society as it will discourage people to smoke and eat unhealthy food, it will make the society fairer by letting people to cover up their own medical fees and governments can use the tax to do things that are […]

TPO 50 Writing

Integrated Writing In the reading, the idea of traveling to Mars is introduced. It is known as an impossible plan as there is not enough food, water, oxygen supply, zero gravity and the strong space radiation from the sun. However, the professor thinks that the plan is possible as the three problems mentioned in the […]