Elegy For My Father’s Father

How does Baxter convey a sense of admiration for his grandfather in “Elegy For My Father’s Father”? In the poem Elegy For My Father’s Father, James K. Baxter conveys a sense of admiration for his grandfather, through describing his grandfather’s bitter memory that was never told to anyone, and describing his hard work and dedication […]

Slavery’s long effects on Africa

By Will Ross BBC News, Ghana About 12m Africans were forced onto European slave ships Between the 15th and 19th Centuries, it is estimated that up to 12m Africans were forced onto European slave ships and taken across the Atlantic. Two hundred years after the British parliament voted to abolish the trade, the effects on Africa […]

The Transatlantic Trade

The Transatlantic Trade is the trade between Europe, America and Africa across the Atlantic Ocean starting from the 16th to the 19th century. There are three main stages of the Transatlantic slave trade: Africa sold slaves to The Caribbean, America sold raw materials to Europe and Europe trade the manufactured goods to West Africa. The […]

The Door with Surprises

It was the door again. It was the hard, metallic wall, high and wide, with lots of rust and dust on it as if no one had ever cleaned it. Its handle had already fell off, leaving a black rusty hole with insects living inside. There were plenty of rooms like this in this countryside […]


The freezing cold wind bites the dog from its dream. It is January 1st, the Chinese New Year. Snow is falling gently. The dog is looking around and is probably wondering about how it changed from a human, to be exact, a girl called Morana, into a black puppy wagging its tail. It cannot recognize […]

Science Project Plant

I could feel the excruciating pain on my arm. I did not have the courage to turn my head to look at it. I knew if I did, I would find a bleeding wound the size of my fist. Scenes of me playing with my dog appeared in my head. My thoughts exploded, my head […]

The Dog Talks

One day, as you were petting and talking to your friend’s dog, it answered back! Write a short story about this. “Hey Bob,” I patted softly on my friend Holly’s golden retriever, “How are things going today!” The dog’s tail suddenly stopped waving, and pointed down. He opened his mouth with shiny sharp teeth. “HEY!” […]

Me inside a Book

I was reading a book called “And Then There Were None”. I started it today, and I was still in the first few chapters. The characters received letters that told them to go to an island called “Indian Island”. I found it boring and was looking at the sentences without knowing what they meant. Everything […]

Examination Day Theme Essay

Rulers around the world want loyalty from their people, either to benefit the country or to benefits himself. However, rulers in some places control people strictly and unreasonably, sometimes, without thinking of people’s feelings when they want power and loyalty, harm the society, which is reflected ironically in “Examination Day”. Dickie is an eleven-year-old boy […]