A Book Review on As I Lay Dying

Para 1: From whose Point of View is the novel written? (1st person narrator [from whose eyes and mind], 3rd person omniscient, or 3rd person limited?) Explain why this point of view is effective for this novel. The Novel is written in first person point of view, but not of a particular person, but of […]

As I Lay Dying: “My Mother is a Fish”

Originally Posted on readinglikerory.weebly.com 4/23/2013 by Kaitlyn Hawkins *Notes: I found some plots in As I Lay Dying really confusing, for example, when Vardaman saids that his mum is fish, when he drills into his mother’s face in the coffin and when Darl saids that Jewel’s mother is a horse. This article really explains a lot about […]

The Rationale for the Acts of the Khmer Rouge

During their four years in power, the Khmer Rouge executed selected groups of people (like bankers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, etc.) who they believed to be enemies of the state or revolution. People who they perceived to be intellectuals or even those that had stereotypical signs of learning, such as wearing glasses, were killed. The official […]

Tabitha Housebuilding Trip – Day 2

In the morning, we visited the Tabitha office, where the founder of Tabitha works. Ms. Jane Ritskes told us a brief history of Cambodia about the Khmer Rouge, and the reason why we should raise money and build houses for them. Cambodia used to be a very developed country. Its culture was spread to lots […]

Fahrenheit 451

SummaryFahrenheit 451 talks about a time in the future when books were banned as people think books makes everything philosophical and there would be melancholy due to this. People’s main entertainment is the high-technology parlor walls in their house. They are completely ignorant of the world around them and its problems and are not even […]

Choices, family relationships and experiences

We make a lot of choices in our lives, some are unimportant, some are critical and decides our future. The main character in “School of Life” by Elizabeth Laird is fourteen-year-old Katya. Katya does not like her family and she follows her stepdad’s cousin Andrei, who promised to find her a job in London, but […]

Childhood and Reality

An essay on “Superman and Paula Brown’s Snowsuit” Childhood is the best period in most people’s lives. Children are imaginative, creative and have their own amicable mini worlds. They have not stepped out from their world and explored much in reality. However, when they do, their childhood ends as they become more mature and start […]

Johnny Express

In our society, people were doing different jobs busily and were supposed to take the responsibility of lots of things. One possible theme in the video “Johnny Express”, is that when people are doing things that they have no direct relationships with, they are not responsible for it. They have no passion towards things they […]