“Why do Chinese Students Only Mingle with Themselves?”

Recently, I read this article written by a Chinese student at Columbia University at New York, named “Why do Chinese Students Only Mingle with Themselves?” (https://socialwork.columbia.edu/news/why-do-chinese-students-only-mingle-with-themselves/) It actually describes my situation so accurately when I first went to UWCSEA in Singapore. Although now everything gets nicer, sometimes I still find myself in some of the […]

How the Plastic Industry Affects the Carbon Cycle

Plastic is a common material in our daily life. Furniture, cutlery, stationaries, everything is made out of plastic. Plastic became popular in the 20th century, not even 100 years ago. In 1955, “Throwaway Living” was promoted on “Life” Magazine, for its great convenience – people did not have to spend hours of time on cleaning […]

School Strike for Climate Change

Hi UWC students, teachers, and parents, As you may know, we, a group of Grade 8 students (Leon Hunte, Hugo Hannigan, Jessica Morgan, and David Walton), are organising a school strike this Friday (24th). We are protesting against climate change, inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and the Fridays For Future movement that followed. More […]

Tattoos: human race is going backwards?

9 Brooklands DriveAshtonWiganLancashireWN47RJ17th November 2018 The Wigan ObserverWiganLancashireWN1 8XY Dear Editor, I am writing to express my total disagreement for your point in the article: Tattoos prove that the human race is going backwards. It does not make any sense at all. Tattoos are a form of art in lots of cultures that exist even […]

Grade 8 Reflection

I found it a bit sad to leave Middle School. It was such a year of excitement and I improved a lot. In academics, I found out that the learning strategy that works the best on me was to practice. Practice makes perfect. In Math, I tried to do and did all the questions on […]

Tabitha Reflection (whole trip)

I am very glad that I participated in this trip. Although it was my first time to Cambodia, my head was already filled with precious memories. There were lots of things that I haven’t seen or experienced before. Throughout the whole trip, there were two things that left a deep impression on me. The First […]

“国父” by Andre Tan

My name is Celia, and I noticed that you are quite interested in Singaporean arts. Here I would like to recommend a masterpiece from a Singaporean Artist, Andre Tan. Tan is a Singaporean Pop Artist. He is very creative. He often blurs the boundaries between reality and the unreality, mixing cartoon characters, brands, patterns and […]

Geography or History?

Today we have a few G11 student coming to our class to answer some questions about IGCSE for us. For humanities, there are three subject that I really want to choose: Economics, Geography and History. Economics is a “must” to me, because it is going to be so useful in the future, but I hesitate […]